30 ‘ X 95’  “3000 Series “ High Tunnel

High Tunnel’s provide a lost-cost, crop accelerating, season extending method for growing your crops.  Crops are grown directly in the ground and solar energy provides the heat required for growth of your crops .  A drip irrigation system will be the only life source that you will need.  (no gas or electric required)  Your crops will be protected from temperature, rain, and animals that would destroy them if grown in the open.  You can have up to 3 seasons of crops grown in your High Tunnel each year and same crops can be staggered to extend your seasons.  Expect premium prices for those off season crops.



Seasonal High Tunnel


Tubular Structures has been building High Tunnels for over 20 years. As a matter of fact, We were building High Tunnels before they were called High Tunnels.  Other names used for High Tunnels is “Hoop Houses” or “Quonset House”


We install in  5 states that includes Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Arkansas and Louisiana.   Our houses are designed to meet the needs of the client, while also meeting all USDA - NRCS



Our High Tunnels are put together as a kit.  We can do the installation or we deliver to the client for them  to install.  If our client has some knowledge of carpenter skills, he can assemble the kit himself.  Tubular Structures will spend up to four hours with our client assisting him with making sure the house is square plus setting one bow at each end and completing one end wall metal framing.  There is a delivery charge of $1.75 per mile plus a $50 surcharge for over 250 miles.



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